Saturday, 31 December 2011

Doesn't Time Fly (Long Post)

Hello everyone!!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas whatever you did :) I had a superb Christmas with my hubby, kiddies and my father in law.  The day couldn't have been better!!

The kiddies absolutely LOVED their presents (so much so they haven't fallen asleep before 12am).  My father in law came up at 9am on Christmas Day to see myself, hubby and the kiddies and to have Christmas dinner with us.

The turkey was in the oven by 9.30am and the veggies were peeled and ready to put on (although there was a slight disaster the night before with the carrot and swede mix and the sprouts), so we ended up with brocolli, peas and I'm sure there was another veg, but can't think what it was, aswell as some sort of roasted potatoes (they were put in the oven, but I didn't let them get too hard to eat, they were perfect).

Dinner was served up at 1.30pm bang on and I have to say it was THE BEST turkey I've ever tasted - thanks to the hubby who prepared it.

After Christmas dinner, we all sat down and chilled out on the sofa, the kiddies with their new toys, and me with my bliss!

On the stitching front of things now:

I haven't done any more at all on 12 days of Christmas or any other project other than my HAED.  I've totally gotten engrossed with that now and am onto page 3 :) I've also bought the threads and fabric needed for my next HAED - Moon Goddess by Dahlig and I cannot wait to start her ( soon as threads and fabric arrive) - with thanks to hubby and kiddies who gave me the money to get them.

I'm hoping I will have page 3 of HAED done shortly and once I have, I will post up a picture :) Nearly onto the tiger...can't wait.

It is New Year's Eve tomorrow, so we will be down my father in laws with the kiddies so we can set off a couple of fireworks to celebrate the beginning of the year 2012.  On New Year's Day however, there will be a few chores to be done due to them not properly being done over Christmas and the kiddies return to school on 4th January, so lots to get done and not much time left.

I hope that however you celebrate (or if you do) New Year, I hope you all have a fantastic evening and a totally Fabulous 2012!!!!


Friday, 23 December 2011


I hope that you all have an absolutely fabulous Christmas and New Year.

This is going to be my last post now until after Christmas due to me having a huge tidy up before the big day arrives.

I have completed the food shop, the turkey is in the fridge defrosting and tomorrow I will be peeling and dicing the veg ready to cook on xmas day.  Tomorrow through the day is going to be spent giving my father in law a huge helping hand with the hoovering of his house (he's 83 and can't manage it all these days), then it will be home time to sit down and watch Santa travelling around delivering his presents on Norad Tracks Santa (uses Google Earth - fabulous for kiddies and adults alike).

The only problem that I foresee will be trying to get the presents from their current location (my bedroom) to downstairs without the kiddies seeing them.


P.S. The link for Norad Tracks Santa for those who are interested is:
I hope and your children enjoy this :)


TUSAL - December 2011

Well, here it full Tusal for December 2011 and the last for the year.

Please excuse the picture, my card reader on my laptop has stopped working so can only upload from my mobile lol.

Monday, 19 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas

Hey Everyone!!

Can you believe there is only 6 days left until Christmas?! Where has the time gone this year.  I have to say though that this year I'm done early :) All Christmas presents are bought and wrapped ready to put under the tree all that is left to do is get the vegetables in for the Christmas dinner.

I've not really done a great deal of stitching to be honest over the last 2 weeks due mostly to me being ill and then the stitching bug going away.  I have managed to do a little bit each day - nothing like my usual speed mind.

I have kind of lost interest in my fairy at the moment, so started a new project.  Joan Elliott's 12 Days of Christmas is what I started and it is slow going (am sure though when my bug returns I'll be flying).

Here is my progress on the 12 Days of Christmas:

If I don't post before the big day, Merry Christmas to all my followers!! I hope you and your families have a wonderful Christmas :) xxxxxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

No Stitching Updates

Hello there everyone!!

Well, I'm a little sad to say that I don't have a stitching update this week due to me coming down with some sort of cold and a really really horrible cough.  I have spent most of the last week curled up on the sofa in between doing school runs and cooking.  I am glad to report though that I am starting to feel better (the cold has gone away), I'm just left with this horrid cough, which is now under control thanks to Benylins mucus cough mixture.

After flying through with my autumn fairy, I decided to put her away for a little bit and start something new, so I pulled out my Joan Elliott '12 Days of Christmas' which I kitted up before putting it all away again. 

Hopefully after the weekend I will have a nice update for you all. 

Until next time, keep warm and stay safe in this stormy winter weather. 


Monday, 5 December 2011

An Update

Good Monday Afternoon to you all.

As you know, this past year I did an Open University course, and I have my results back for it.  I have passed my course and can now put Cert NatSci (open) after my name .... Woop!! What an achievement is that. After submitting my End of Module Assessment, I really thought I had mucked up and failed the whole course, but alas, that was not the case. I know have one subject under my belt to go towards a degree.

On the stitching front, I have made a lot of progress on Autumn Fairy, and here is how she is looking now:

I plan on doing nothing but stitching for the next few days now as next week begins the food sort out of the freezer ready for my christmas turkey lol. I'm hoping that any snow that we are due will hold off until we have all the food we need for christmas dinner.

Until next time, keep warm and stitch away.

Stephie. xXx

Monday, 28 November 2011

Autumn Fairy

Here is an update on my autumn fairy by Joan Elliott. I've completed the first page already (excluding the metallic stitches).

Here is how she is looking now

Please excuse the picture quality, I have no idea what happened with the settings on the camera, but it came out smaller than usual lol.

Until next time, happy stitching :)


November TUSAL

I am a couple of days late in posting November's TUSAL due to my card reader in my laptop having a bit of a hissy fit and not working. Here it is though, with a bit of festive pink tinsel :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Nice New Start

As you all know, last week I finished off Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott. After finishing her, I was left rather disappointed at the fact that I had finished her lol. I really enjoyed stitching her, so I decided that I would also do the other 3 fairies that are in the set.

After spending £68 on the other 3 fabrics for the fairies, I decided to do Autumn Fairy.

Here is my progress on Autumn Fairy so far

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Well, I'm pleased to say that my deadline has been met.  Back in October I told myself that I would have my Summer Fairy complete before Christmas, and I am pleased to say that I have indeed met that goal.

Here is my complete Summer Fairy.

All that is left to do is give her a wash and an iron and then find the perfect frame for her. :D Wooo!! 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A little update on some of my projects.

Well, I haven't done any stitching for the last few days as my stitchy bug has wandered off. I do have a couple of updates though.

First of all, my fairy. I have managed to attach a few more beads, but I don't like attaching beads with clear thread (my eyesight is a little poor) lol. So I would love to have a few suggestions on what colour thread to use for attaching gold beads (I will use white thread to attach the white beads).

Here is how the beads are looking now:

Another update is on the "I Stitch therefore I Stash" sampler. I have nearly finished this project, just the backstitching and french knots to do then it can be washed, ironed and put into a frame (yet to be chosen).

So far these are all the updates I have until my stitching bug returns to me.

Hope all are keeping well :)


Monday, 7 November 2011

Hand Dying Fabrics

I am slowly becoming rather tempted at the idea of hand dying my own fabrics. I'm just wondering what natural ingredients people use to dye their evenweave and such?

I have a few pieces of white evenweave which although nice, would be nicer in different colours.

Can you let me know what you use if you dye your own fabrics with natural ingredients.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Didn't realise how long it has been

Wow!! I cannot believe I have left it so long since giving an update on everything.

This post should surely make up for that :)

First things first though, my summer fairy.  Throughout the half term holiday I have been stitching like crazy and I'm pleased to say the stitching side of her is 100% complete, I'm now working on attaching the beads which I am finding an absolute nightmare to say the least. I'm using invisible thread to attach the beads and although what I have done looks fab, I find it rather difficult to see the thread lol.  I'm hoping to have her beads attached way before Christmas.

The Stitching of the fairy fully complete

A close up of the bead work I've done so far.
I also have an update on my TUSAL jar.  For some reason lately, I've not been able to remember when TUSAL time is.  So here is my TUSAL jar.  I have now emptied the contents into a zip lock bag, ready to use as stuffing (saves wasting it).

I have also started a new project, a little sentiment stitch from Cross Stitch Crazy, although I can't quite remember which issue it is from. Here is my progress after 2 evenings of stitching.

I've also completed a few other little things in between both the fairy and the sentiment stitch.  In October, I took part in a small halloween exchange.  Here is what I stitched for my partner:

Stitched on 28ct Black Joblean Evenweave (from
Design used from the Halloween Ornaments book (from
Ghosts stitched using DMC Glow in the Dark Thread.
This is what I received from my partner:

I absolutely Love this scissor fob. It is perfect for helping me find my small scissors.
I have also stitched a little christmas design as an in-between project. This is what it looks like now, although I do plan on turning it into a little christmas tree decoration.

I do hope that I haven't bored you all silly, and if you have read to this point, then thank you :) I really do appreciate all comments received.

Until next time,

Keep safe and Happy Stitching :)


Monday, 17 October 2011

Joan Elliott's Summer Fairy update :)

Well, it has been a while since I last updated (near a week or so) but I do have an update. I've been working away each day on my fairy and I have to say, this last part has become somewhat a task and half. I am beginning to get a little frustrated with stitching blue LOL. I am nearing completion though, currently working on the very last page of her then it will be only the beads to attach and then she can be washed and measured up for framing :)

Here is a little pic of how she looks at the moment

I have to say she is looking rather stunning (even my non stitching hubby thinks so).

As some of you know, it was my birthday on Saturday just gone, and boy did I receive some fab prezzies :) Here is what I received :

I just love all these prezzies, and the chocolate looks delicious :) So to the followers who sent these items, thank you so much, I love them all :)

Well, I think that is enough waffling on for now, but before I go, I will definitely be taking a browse around your blogs, it has been a little while since I have done so :)

Friday, 30 September 2011

Another update here :)

Well, first of all I wish to just shout "I HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED MY COURSE!!!!!!!", now I can get back to stitching :D

I have managed some more on my fairy, although not a great deal as I've been trying to get used to using my floor stand/frame, it is a 36" maxi clip frame from sew and so, and boy is it going to take me a while lol.

For now, here is how my fairy is looking:

I even managed to do the second butterfly, with french knots included (I'm going to sound totally off my trolly right now, but I actually enjoyed doing them, and think they came out better than the last french knots I did on the first butterfly).  Here is the second butterfly, with neater french knots:

I also have another few pics to show you.  As you will remember, I took part in an Autumn Exchange and here is what I sent:

It is the first time I've ever made a flat ornament, and even though it went a bit wonky, I'm rather pleased with it. I must however, practice lining up the material against mountboard LOL.

HAED: Tickle My Tummy

I have also been doing a little bit more work on my HAED.  As you will remember, I finished the first page a little while ago and seemed to just steam through half of page 2.  I must admit though, I haven't really touched it for a little while due to my demanding Uni course. However, as of this evening, I plan on working a lot more on it and hope to have page 2 complete soon.

HAED on my new 36" maxiclip floor stand

Close up of HAED

My only goal for this year is to finish my Summer Fairy. I had a bit of a row with the kreinik needed to do her wings, and after using 1 whole roll of it, ripped it all out of the fairy because I didn't like it.

To end this rather long post, I have a bit of a question for you stitchers out there.........what else other than kreink 002 can I use that will give a very similar or prettier effect? I do not like kreinik on her wings at all.

I would like to say, thank you in advance for any answers received, much appreciated.

Until next time my lovelies :) HAPPY STITCHING!!! xXx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Soooo Busy

Hi Everyone, just wanted to pop by and shout a huge hello to everyone! I haven't forgotten about you all. I am currently extremely busy doing my End of Module Assessment (a sort of exam) which signals the end of my course once it has been submitted by Wednesday 28th September. I am so looking forward to finishing this course now and having a break before my next course starts in February.

I only have 1 little update at the moment (no pics as of yet), I bought a new stand.  I bought this one:, I chose the 36" maxi clip frame, and it was delivered the next day (today). I am itching to put it all together and get my HAED on it, but that will have to wait until later on as I want to get as near to complete as possible on my EMA.

I look forward to coming back on here soon and catching up on everyone's blogs.

Until next time :)


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A rather large update :)

Well, seeing as it has been a little while I thought it about time I posted an update on my two main projects.  The first update being my Summer Fairy, I must admit I haven't picked her up in a few weeks as I've been working on finishing the first page of my H.A.E.D and also have been working my butt off doing Uni work, but alas, my course is nearly over for this year :D

Although it may not seem like there is much difference, there is due to me starting the backstitch on the wings and the ribbons aswell as the little butterfly.

I am proud to say that I have also started to get used to the french knots, they were my nightmare. Here is a close up of the butterfly with the french knots

I have to say they just make the butterfly :) Hopefully with a bit more time and practice, I aim to nail them completely.

Now, onto another update. My H.A.E.D - I have a page finish and a new page has been started :D I have to say I didn't think I would complete a single page when I started this H.A.E.D back in March of this year, but alas, I have done it :D

Here is how it looks

It is really starting to look fab :) Although working with dark colours does get rather difficult without natural light. There are currently 6600+ stitches done there at the moment, cannot remember for the life of me how many there are left, but I'm still a long way off completing it :D

Well, that is it for my stitching projects, now onto the TUSAL, which I forgot to post on the day of the New Moon, but I did remember to take a picture lol. Here is my TUSAL for the last New Moon

I'm not entirely sure when the next New Moon is, so if anybody knows, please let me know haha. I think that is enough from me for now.

If you have stuck with me so far, thank you.

Hopefully with the next post, I will have the backstitch on my fairy up to date with where I am stitching wise.

Until next time,

Stay safe, warm, and happy stitching.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Summer Fairy

In between doing more stitching on my HAED and reading for my next assignment, I have done a fair bit more on my Summer Fairy.  For this lovely fairy, I also had to master french knots, which may I add, I think I have done. A few more and I might just get the hang of the little blighters.

Here is how my fairy is as of today (24.8.2011)

I've also added some of the metallic threads (wings are next to be done with the metallic). I'm not entirely sure it shows just how dazzling it looks with just a row or 2 of it, but here it is anyways:

A page finish on HAED

Well it has taken me a total of 5 months and 20 days to complete just 1 page of my HAED. Hehe. I do have a few reasons however and these are:

1) I have also been stitching other projects (Summer Fairy, Company of Wolves and a Wedding Sampler)


2) I'm also doing a Uni course which can take up a lot of stitching time (but I'm nearly done for this year - finish in October - so I will have October - February to stitch away like mad)

Here is how my HAED now looks:

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Summer Fairy update

As you have seen from previous posts, I have a few projects on the go now (with an itch to start more lol).

Lately I have been working on an exchange piece, which is now finished and packed up ready to post to my partner. As the opening date isn't until 9th September, I cannot post a pic just yet, but will definitely do so once my partner has received :)

My fairy is looking wonderful, and I am sure she will look so much better once I have done the backstitch and added the beads. For now here she is:

Monday, 1 August 2011

A new HAED chart

Well today, thanks to a super friend of mine, I found out that HAED were having a sale.  Well, off I went to have a look, and ended up buying Moon Goddess by Marta Dahlig :)

I must however get lots more done on my current HAED and other projects before I even attempt to get the threads/fabric needed for her :)

Sunday, 31 July 2011

HAED update

As you know (from previous posts), I have been a busy bee on the Uni side of things so haven't really had a chance to do much stitching.  I have however managed a few more stitches on the odd evening that I do have off.  Here is where I am so far (so very nearly completed page 1).  The remaining stitches are all confetti stitches - which I am sure we all dislike lol.  Here's hoping that soon I will have page one complete.

TUSAL - 30th July 2011

Here is the second Tusal for July :) Not many threads have gone in since my last update, due to me not really getting any stitching done.  Here is my jar (getting a bit full so squished down).

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A small update

Well, it has been a little while since I last posted anything on here so thought it about time I do.  I haven't really got a stitchy update due to me not picking up my stitching in about a week.  I'm currently working on my TMA which is due in....TODAY!! I'm yet to finish 2 parts of a question, one of which has to be 750 words long....750...where am I going to pluck them from?! I plan to have this TMA complete and submitted at some point tonight and then I can spend the weekend doing some well deserved stitching on my HAED which I haven't touched in weeks now.

For now, here is what my lovely fairy (who is screaming at me to stitch more on her) is looking.

Well, that is about it for now (really must get on with my work). I hope that whatever your plans are for this coming weekend, you have fun :D

Until next time xXx

Friday, 1 July 2011

Joan Elliott's Summer Fairy.....Update

I have managed to a fair bit more on the fairy (I can't seem to put her down long enough to do Uni work) and here is how she looks now :)

TUSAL 1st July 2011

Well hasn't the time since my last TUSAL update flown. I've not done a great deal of stitching really since my last TUSAL update, but here is my jar as of about 5 minutes ago.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Some New bits and Bobs and a Fairy Update

This last week has been a bit all over the place with Hubbies birthday taking place on Sunday, and us taking a day trip to Bovington to the Tank Museum.  I did however manage to get more of my fairy done and bought a few little bits and pieces :)

At first, I was not sure whether I like my fairy on the fabric (Heaven's Above - Polstitches), but now I think I do :) Here is my fairy so far:

I also picked up a few little bits and pieces that caught my eye. Here they are:

Cat Keychain with light pink stones (couldn't resist as I'm a cat lover)

I thought these were the cutest things I've ever seen, and just 50p each LOL

I'm working on a wedding sampler, and thought 2 of the rings would look nice to embellish it

Glitzy buttons, will look super on some biscornu's I hope to make soon lol

These are just C.U.T.E, not sure what to use them for yet, but I will use them :)

These are all the updates I have for now. I might not have many updates over the next couple of weeks as I have an iCMA due in on 12th July, and my TMA is due in on 14th July and I'm yet to finish the book i'm on lol.

Hope you have a great day, whatever you may be doing :) xXx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

New Updates, and another new start :D

Hello again all. I thought I would give you all an update on the projects I currently have on the go and a new start (as of tonight).  Here are some pics of my HAED and Company of Wolves that I've not really done a great deal more on.

This is how my HAED looks as of 19th June 2011

This is my company of wolves as of 19th June

I've also made a little more progress on the wedding sampler that I started.  I made a little error on the flower in the corner, so will have to unpick that when I next get back to it.  Here is how it looks now

Most of the dark pink has to be unpicked as it should be green haha (will use a coloured chart from now on)

I have also started a new project.  The Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott (from the Ultimate Joan Elliott Collection).  I started this project tonight so here is my progress so far.

This is part of the wing

I hope you enjoy seeing my current projects progress and I hope to spend more time working on them in between doing assignments for Uni.

Until next time, have a great day and take care :)