Sunday, 29 December 2013

Swirling Peacock UPDATE

Good Morning Everyone (it's currently 1.38am here in South Wales).

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

Over the last 2 days, I've been working on Swirling Peacock. I didn't touch a single thing in the run up to Christmas as it was hectic trying to get things in place and together for the day.

I have to say though that Christmas was a success and was enjoyed by all....until 2 days ago that is when I somehow managed to hurt my foot.

Here is how Mr Peacock is currently looking:

I am planning on joining in with the Turtle Trot 2014 to try and get my current projects either finished or good progress made on them. More on that will be in another post though.

Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2014 brings nothing but great things to you all.


Monday, 16 December 2013

Swirling Peacock Update

Good Afternoon everyone!!

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but we've had lots of germs spreading around us like a wildfire.

Thankfully we all seem to be slightly better, although the kiddies were complaining this morning of upset stomachs and feeling sick....guess what....they've perked right up this afternoon.

I have to admit that I haven't done a great deal of stitching lately as my bug seems to have wandered off on me. I will be picking something up a bit later so I can do some stitches that don't need a huge amount of concentration.

I have completed a little bit more of Swirling Peacock, and here is how he is looking at the moment.

If I don't update before Christmas, I hope you all have a very merry christmas and that you get all you want and wish from Santa.

Until next time


Friday, 6 December 2013

The last TUSAL of 2013

Good evening everyone!!

I'm sorry it has been a while since my last post, but my stitching bug seems to have wandered off a bit and there are currently germs about the house as everyone has sniffles, etc.

Here is my TUSAL jar for the entire year so far.

I will be putting these with the last 2 years worth of threads and hope to one day use it as stuffing for something :)

I hope you are all keeping warm and well.

Until next time