Friday, 30 September 2011

Another update here :)

Well, first of all I wish to just shout "I HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED MY COURSE!!!!!!!", now I can get back to stitching :D

I have managed some more on my fairy, although not a great deal as I've been trying to get used to using my floor stand/frame, it is a 36" maxi clip frame from sew and so, and boy is it going to take me a while lol.

For now, here is how my fairy is looking:

I even managed to do the second butterfly, with french knots included (I'm going to sound totally off my trolly right now, but I actually enjoyed doing them, and think they came out better than the last french knots I did on the first butterfly).  Here is the second butterfly, with neater french knots:

I also have another few pics to show you.  As you will remember, I took part in an Autumn Exchange and here is what I sent:

It is the first time I've ever made a flat ornament, and even though it went a bit wonky, I'm rather pleased with it. I must however, practice lining up the material against mountboard LOL.

HAED: Tickle My Tummy

I have also been doing a little bit more work on my HAED.  As you will remember, I finished the first page a little while ago and seemed to just steam through half of page 2.  I must admit though, I haven't really touched it for a little while due to my demanding Uni course. However, as of this evening, I plan on working a lot more on it and hope to have page 2 complete soon.

HAED on my new 36" maxiclip floor stand

Close up of HAED

My only goal for this year is to finish my Summer Fairy. I had a bit of a row with the kreinik needed to do her wings, and after using 1 whole roll of it, ripped it all out of the fairy because I didn't like it.

To end this rather long post, I have a bit of a question for you stitchers out there.........what else other than kreink 002 can I use that will give a very similar or prettier effect? I do not like kreinik on her wings at all.

I would like to say, thank you in advance for any answers received, much appreciated.

Until next time my lovelies :) HAPPY STITCHING!!! xXx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Soooo Busy

Hi Everyone, just wanted to pop by and shout a huge hello to everyone! I haven't forgotten about you all. I am currently extremely busy doing my End of Module Assessment (a sort of exam) which signals the end of my course once it has been submitted by Wednesday 28th September. I am so looking forward to finishing this course now and having a break before my next course starts in February.

I only have 1 little update at the moment (no pics as of yet), I bought a new stand.  I bought this one:, I chose the 36" maxi clip frame, and it was delivered the next day (today). I am itching to put it all together and get my HAED on it, but that will have to wait until later on as I want to get as near to complete as possible on my EMA.

I look forward to coming back on here soon and catching up on everyone's blogs.

Until next time :)


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A rather large update :)

Well, seeing as it has been a little while I thought it about time I posted an update on my two main projects.  The first update being my Summer Fairy, I must admit I haven't picked her up in a few weeks as I've been working on finishing the first page of my H.A.E.D and also have been working my butt off doing Uni work, but alas, my course is nearly over for this year :D

Although it may not seem like there is much difference, there is due to me starting the backstitch on the wings and the ribbons aswell as the little butterfly.

I am proud to say that I have also started to get used to the french knots, they were my nightmare. Here is a close up of the butterfly with the french knots

I have to say they just make the butterfly :) Hopefully with a bit more time and practice, I aim to nail them completely.

Now, onto another update. My H.A.E.D - I have a page finish and a new page has been started :D I have to say I didn't think I would complete a single page when I started this H.A.E.D back in March of this year, but alas, I have done it :D

Here is how it looks

It is really starting to look fab :) Although working with dark colours does get rather difficult without natural light. There are currently 6600+ stitches done there at the moment, cannot remember for the life of me how many there are left, but I'm still a long way off completing it :D

Well, that is it for my stitching projects, now onto the TUSAL, which I forgot to post on the day of the New Moon, but I did remember to take a picture lol. Here is my TUSAL for the last New Moon

I'm not entirely sure when the next New Moon is, so if anybody knows, please let me know haha. I think that is enough from me for now.

If you have stuck with me so far, thank you.

Hopefully with the next post, I will have the backstitch on my fairy up to date with where I am stitching wise.

Until next time,

Stay safe, warm, and happy stitching.