Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Large Update - Lots of Pics

Well hello everyone!!

I hope everyone is doing well. We have had some lovely weather here in South Wales, UK, until today that is. Today it has been raining most of the day :(

However, sunny or not, I have been a busy bee.  Myself and a few friends decided to start up a little Round Robin (RR). We decided to do a theme each, and so I decided that I would do a Joan Elliott one. 

I have so many JE charts that I highly doubt I'll ever get around to stitching so it was the perfect thing for me.

I chose my 8 designs, photocopied them and cut them down to a 60x60 stitch size. I also went shopping as we are stitching this RR onto aida, and I haven't any (what a great excuse), so I purchased some lovely fabric from Polstitches called Dawn Chorus.

Here is my fabric pictured with the charts I'm using:

I then went shopping once again for the specialty threads beads and so popped to 123stitch where I bought these:

As soon as my fabric arrived, I ironed it and sewed over the edges of the fabric to stop it fraying and made a start on the layout.  The below picture shows the layout I have chosen (the centre 4 boxes will be unpicked to become a title square where along with a title, the names of the stitchers and the fairies they stitched will go).

As you can see from the picture above, I also have room to add another 4 fairies if I chose to :)

The black outlines of the boxes are there only as a guide and once returned home, I will unpick and add a sparkle border with co-ordinating threads.

I have very nearly finished my first square on my robin (pictured below) and as soon as she is complete I will be making a start on the central box.

Snowdrop Fairy by Joan Elliott

If you are still with me, I hope you have enjoyed seeing my progress since my last post.

Until my next update, I do so hope you have a brilliant crafty time and take care.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Page Finish......Woop

Yes, you read correctly.  I finally have another page finish on Moon Goddess.  I now have 3 completed pages out of the 36 there are.

You would not believe how many different blues there actually are in this design.  I was forever having to change thread colour throughout and then there were the odd little stitches that were 'over there' on their own. Confetti heaven, but it sure does bring the design to life :)

I wonder how long it will take for me to completely finish this HAED? LOL

Anyways, here is how she currently looks.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

May's TUSAL and a HAED update

Well, hello everyone!!!

I can't believe it has been a month since my last post, but I have been busy doing something.  

I have started to read my old OU books in preparation for my next course starting in February.  Yes I know, February is a long way off yet, but I need to go through and get a better understanding of things I didn't "get" last time around.

I have also been stitching too.  I had to put 12 Days away as I started feeling like it was becoming a chore, so decided to go back to Moon Goddess.  

Pictures are below (1st pic - where I left Moon Goddess, 2nd pic - Moon Goddess as of today, 3rd pic - TUSAL).

Well, I'm going to make another start on her now, so if I want to get most of this page done, I had better get a move on :)