Monday, 7 November 2011

Hand Dying Fabrics

I am slowly becoming rather tempted at the idea of hand dying my own fabrics. I'm just wondering what natural ingredients people use to dye their evenweave and such?

I have a few pieces of white evenweave which although nice, would be nicer in different colours.

Can you let me know what you use if you dye your own fabrics with natural ingredients.


  1. LOL I just posted a tutorial on tea dyeing yesterday! Come see:

  2. Have never tried dying fabric, but it does seem to be the 'in' thing just now! Good luck if you try it!

  3. tea dying fabric is a good idea..check daffycat blog..she explained it so well.
    good luck with it xx

  4. Never done it myself, but have seen tea dying and it looks lovely. Have also heard about people using koolaid (the drink!) and having pretty good results with it. Good luck! Look forward to seeing your samples


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