Sunday, 13 November 2011

A little update on some of my projects.

Well, I haven't done any stitching for the last few days as my stitchy bug has wandered off. I do have a couple of updates though.

First of all, my fairy. I have managed to attach a few more beads, but I don't like attaching beads with clear thread (my eyesight is a little poor) lol. So I would love to have a few suggestions on what colour thread to use for attaching gold beads (I will use white thread to attach the white beads).

Here is how the beads are looking now:

Another update is on the "I Stitch therefore I Stash" sampler. I have nearly finished this project, just the backstitching and french knots to do then it can be washed, ironed and put into a frame (yet to be chosen).

So far these are all the updates I have until my stitching bug returns to me.

Hope all are keeping well :)



  1. They both look gorgeous, especially loving the fairy, she's on my bucket list!

  2. they both are looking so lovely..well done so far..hugs xx

  3. The fairy is gorgeous! I love Joan Elliott designs....and since I designed the 'I Stitch", I guess I have to say that I love that one too!!! lol

  4. Love them both Stephie! Actually have the "I stitch" on my list of "Must really get around and do" list :-)
    Have you tried attaching the beads in one of yellow shades? I'd say try the metallic threads but I'm think NIGHTMARE! But if you don't mind working with metalics then that could be a way to go?


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