Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I've received my certificate :D :D WOOP!!

As you all know, back in 2011 I took a University course.  I studied S104: Exploring Science with the Open University, it is a 60 point course and by golly it was extremely fast paced and quite heavy going.

I received lovely mail this morning which contained my certificate for passing the course.  I now hold a Certificate in Natural Sciences and I am even allowed to put Cert NatSci (open) after my name!!

What an achievement, especially as there were moments when I literally thought I'd never pass or get through it all.

Here is my certificate:

Monday, 27 February 2012

Charlie Bear SAL 24th to 26th Feb 2012

Well, its was a very quick weekend this weekend.  Friday I didn't get to do a single stitch as it was one of those days where I felt too tired to anything except stare at whatever ramblings were on the TV.  Saturday however, I did get to do some stitching on Charlie Bear only to realise on Sunday that I had completely messed up and had to unpick the whole of the letter D.  I did however manage to catch up on the stitching I had to undo and here is how Charlie is looking now:

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Stitching updates (wow it has been a little while)

Well hello everyone!!!! How are your stitching days going?  It has been a little while since I last updated due to me working my little butt off on getting an assignment for my new course done and sent :) I have managed to do some stitching in between completing my assignments, and here are my updates.

First of all is my Autumn Fairy.  I'm getting so close to finishing her it is crazy :) Only a few more leaves and another ribbon to finish on the bottom right hand side and then the wings, after which comes the backstitch and beading.  Here is how she is looking as of today:

Another update I have is that of my new HAED start.  I started Moon Goddess on 12th January and I'm close to finishing the first page already :)

Here she is after spending 30 hours and 50 minutes of stitching on her.

Today I plan on spending a little time doing some of my next assignment and then I plan on stitching :)

I hope that wherever you are, you keep safe and have some crafty fun :) xXx

February's TUSAL

I'm a couple of days late in posting my February TUSAL. The threads contained within come from 3 different projects that I have on the go.  So without further ado, here it is:

Monday, 6 February 2012

An update on all projects

Hello everyone from a rather chilly South Wales.  I've a few updates for you all this morning, but first off I would like to share a pic of the view from my back garden in the snow.  It started snowing on Saturday morning and it didn't stop once until 6pm that night.

Taken at around 2pm on Saturday - Still snowing
Thank goodness I made it home before it got worse. I was 16 miles away in Cardiff that morning attending my very first tutorial for my new university course.

Now it is time for the stitching updates. In between reading for my new course I've been working on two projects, my autumn fairy and my charlie bear SAL.

Here is how my Autumn Fairy is looking:

Just the ribbons on the right and some leaves to do then I can complete the wings.
This weekend, I managed to do a great deal of work on my Charlie Bear SAL.  I completed the letter B, finished the bear and also managed to get halfway through A.  Here is how Charlie Bear is looking:

That is all for the updates this week. I am hoping to have more for you all next week, but until then I do hope that wherever you are you keep warm and safe in this rather chilly winter weather.