Sunday, 24 May 2015

Page Finish....Finally :)

Good Evening to you all!!

On Friday afternoon, I finally managed to get myself a page finish. For some reason I had a few stitches which were confetti like and they seemed to take absolutely forever to get done lol.

Here is how it looks:

That little column marked in blue is the next page haha. Hopefully this will not take as long to complete :) 

Until next time

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Good Evening!!

Good Evening to you all!! I have been absent for the last few days as I haven't really got any stitching done at all. Most of my time has been spent with hubby since he finished his last exam on Friday.

Today has been the first day since then that I have done any stitching and thought I'd do a quick update before getting back to it.

Here is how Home Is Where The Magic Is looks now:

I am getting pretty close to having this page finished :)

Until next time

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Home Is Where The Magic Is Update

Good Evening to you all!!

Today has been an awful day weather wise, we've had nothing but rain since around 6am. I am hoping that tomorrow is going to be a drier day lol.

I hope you have all been keeping well and being very creative.

I'm hoping that once hubby has done his last exam (tomorrow morning), I will have a bit more time to stitch and maybe have a page completion.  I'm still working away on Home Is Where The Magic Is and I have to say I love all the different shades of blue/purple it has.

Here is how it is looking now before I do some more on it tonight and over the weekend.

It is looking a bit out of shape due to being in my qsnap, but it will straighten out once finished. 

I hope you all have a fantastic and creative weekend. 

Until next time

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sunny Saturday Update!!

Good evening to you all on this lovely Saturday evening!!

I also notice I have some new followers *waves to all new followers* If you leave a comment with your blog link, I will definitely return the follow and have a nosey at your creations!!

I hope you are all doing well and being creative. I have had an extremely productive few days working on my HAED.

I've completed most of the first page, whilst watching storm chasers chase some storms in the US!!

Here is how it is looking right this moment:

I'm looking forward to reaching the sparkling snow very soon.

Until next time

Monday, 4 May 2015

Good Evening!!

Good Evening to you all.

I hope everyone has had a great bank holiday weekend!! I for one have enjoyed the extra day off from school runs.

This week marks the start of exams for hubby, he has two this week and then another two over the next 2 weeks. He is looking forward to being past all this revision. It is his last year in University now and hopefully if he passes his exams he will walk away with a degree in Law.

For the last few days I've been stitching on my new HAED start called Home is Where the Magic is by Spangler. It is a story keep, so is only a few pages long.

Here is how it is currently looking:

This is just two colours almost done on the first page. With a bit of luck, I can get a bit more done on this tonight before having to put it away.

Until next time