Friday, 26 July 2013

Update: Santa and The Mouse HAED

Well it is now hectic here once again. We are moving house. So in between spending hours painting the new place, I only get a few minutes here and there to get some stitching done. 

Here is how Santa and The Mouse is looking as if this afternoon. 

It is now back to painting for me :) 1 whole room, top of stairs/landing and a few touch ups left to do and we can then start giving the place a good clean and then move things in. 

Until next time


Friday, 19 July 2013

Good Morning!! A few updates for you :)

Good Morning all.

Oh boy it has been really warm here lately. So warm, that by early afternoon my feet become swollen and very painful to walk on.

I'm not sure if it is just me, but I'm finding the warmer I get, the less stitching I can do as I feel like I'm going to boil over.

I do however have a couple of updates for you including...........A NEW START!!

Yep, you read right, with all the projects I currently have, I just HAD to start another one.

In a previous blog post, I showed you pictures of some new HAED charts I bought. Well, I started one.  I decided to start with a freebie from the HAED website: Santa and the Mouse ornament. 

I also have an update on Winter Fairy, who for now has been put away as it was starting to feel like I HAD to stitch as opposed to want to. 

I also have some new stash and a pic of all my polstitches fabrics that I have.

I do hope that you are all keeping cool and safe in this hot weather.

I also want to say thank you for all the love,y comments I've received. I do enjoy reading them all :)

Until next time


How my new start is currently looking

Winter Fairy

My polstitches fabric collection so far :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Spring Fairy

Well I think it is about time I gave an update on Spring Fairy. I have been stitching on her a lot up until Friday evening. Since then the weather has been so warm that I not wanted to do anything. 

I do enjoy the sunshine, I just hate the high temperatures we are having lately. My car temperature thingy recorded a temperature of 34C yesterday. 

This is how my Spring Fairy looks as of last night. 

I do hope that you take care in this heat we are having and make sure to keep hydrated and protected from the sun. 


Well hello everyone. I was mean to post this last night but I completely forgot.

Here is this months TUSAL. It contains threads from Spring Fairy and a Round Robin :)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Stitching, Outing and A New Make

Hellooooooooooo everyone!!

Well, this last week has been a rather busy week on all fronts.

  1. I learnt to make something new
  2. Page 1 of Spring Fairy is completed bar the backstitch
  3. We went out for the day on Saturday and I am now sunburnt
First of all though, I have to show off the something new I made. I've always been in awe of how to make these very pretty things called scissor fobs. So off I went to ebay and I bought myself some lobster clasp things (I already had the beads) and this is what I made:

Swarvoski Crystal Beads 
Now, I think it is fab apart from the size of the lobster clasp, so I bought another bunch which are a lot smaller so when I get a chance, I will try and make another one using the smaller clasp. This took me about an hour to make as the thread I used (clear nylon thread) is extremely fiddly and very hard for me to see.

Now onto the stitching front. I have managed to complete the first page of stitching on my Spring Fairy and I am now in progress of doing the kreinik and backstitch. Here is how she is looking as of this morning:

Isn't the bunny just cute
I am hoping that today will see a heck of a load more backstitching done on her as I'm eager to start the next part of her.

I have also completed a square on a RR that I received. I am currently working in a RR where we all have picked our own separate themes. This RR had the theme of flowers, and here is what I stitched:

This took me about a day and half to complete and I just love the colours.

On Saturday, we went to a place called Bovington where we visited The Tank Museum for the annual Tankfest.  It was a great day had by all, but oh boy, myself and hubby are burnt lol.  Every few hours we are now plying ourselves with lotion to stop the stinging and itching.  I always catch the sun and so should have known to put some Sun Protection on, but I completely forgot about it haha. My fault.

Here are some pics of the hubby and kiddies:

Hubby with his new toy. A deactivated Russian weapon
Grace having a hold
Tristan having a hold
and last but not least my little cutie pie, who seemed to also enjoy the day.

Now if I plan on having more of Spring Fairy backstitched today, I'd better get a wriggle on.

I hope to have another update for you all soon.

Happy Crafting all