Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Make for March

I'm a month behind making something new for each month of 2011.  This one below is going to be my make for March (still looking for something to make for February).

Hanging Heart ornament

This is the back of the ornament, will upload a picture of the finished item when it's complete.

Back of hanging heart ornament

Here is the finished item :) I've attached little green mill hill seed beads at the bottom of the ornament :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Edited Blog

I have edited this blog and removed old posts because I didn't like how I had it all set out.  I will now start from a fresh and upload pictures of all things I've stitched.  The following pictures are from a Round Robin I joined on OpenMinders.


A couple of friends and myself have started a TUSAL jar.  TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch A Long) is when you put all your off cuts of thread into a jar and on each new moon, you take a picture and upload it to your blog.  It's mainly just for a bit of fun, especially if like myself, your off cuts tend to wander about the house with you :)

8th March 2011
The next new moon is 3rd April 2011.

HAED : Tickle My Tummy

Well, I've gone and done it. I decided to do a Heaven and Earth Design (haed for short).  The biggest project I've ever done was my Tigers (Wash and Brush Up).  This design is by Penny Golledge.

Tickle My Tummy - Penny Golledge

Day 1 - 400 Stitches

Day 2 - 800 Stitches

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 1600+ Stitches

Basket of Biscornu's

Two friends of mine stumbled across a blog of someone who is doing a basket of biscornu's.  All we have to do is stitch 1 biscornu a month and then in December, we put them all into a little basket to display at christmas time.  Here are the biscornu's i've done so far :)

January Biscornu

February Biscornu

Thomas the Tank for my little boy

Here is a project I started for my little boy. Not only is he Thomas the Tank mad, he also absolutely loves Fireman Sam. Next will be a project for my little girl :)

This is currently how Thomas stands, the right border is rather boring to stitch

Some Little Projects

Here are a few things that I've stitched. 

My First ever scissor case

OpenMinders 1st Anniversary Exchange (front)


Small Teddy Bear
Irish Chain Biscornu for a friend :)

OpenMinders Halloween Exchange (First ornament I'd ever made)


Hubby's Valentine's Card for Feb 2011

Wash and Brush Up.

This is a picture of a completed WIP.  The kit is by DMC's Pollyanna Pickering called Wash and Brush Up.  This was my first ever big project.

Wash and Brush Up - Completed 23rd December 2010

Christmas Round Robin

I took part in a christmas round robin, only a small one. The robin came home to me just before Xmas 2010.

My Finished Christmas Round Robin 2010