I have a great load of WIP's at the moment so I thought I would add a new page dedicated to them.

Maybe this way I may actually have a completion considering my last finish was in 2012.  I won't have any deadlines on them but they will be put into the order I hope to have them completed.

1. 12 Days of Christmas - started on 19th December 2011

The finished article:

2. Spring Fairy - started 15th January 2013

Finished article:

3. Moon Goddess HAED - started 14th January 2012

Finished article:

4. Charlie Bear (A Stitch-A-Long with Heather) - started 8th January 2012

Finished article:

5. Swirling Peacock (Joan Elliott) - started 2nd November 2013

Finished article:

6. Wings in Repose HAED (Nene Thomas - retired artist) - started 20th November 2013

Finished article:

7. SK Home Is Where The Magic Is (Randall Spangler HAED)

Finished article:

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  1. Steph - thank you so much for commenting on my blog - this page is exactly what I need to do with my WIPs - unfortunately I think I have more than 20 but at least it will remind me of what they all are. I also love your 12 days of Christmas and it is one of the projects I want to start soon :-)


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