Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Summer Fairy

In between doing more stitching on my HAED and reading for my next assignment, I have done a fair bit more on my Summer Fairy.  For this lovely fairy, I also had to master french knots, which may I add, I think I have done. A few more and I might just get the hang of the little blighters.

Here is how my fairy is as of today (24.8.2011)

I've also added some of the metallic threads (wings are next to be done with the metallic). I'm not entirely sure it shows just how dazzling it looks with just a row or 2 of it, but here it is anyways:


  1. woow, this summer fairy looks really nice, I really like it!:)Happy stitching:)

  2. wow..she is looking so stunning..well done dear xx

  3. She is looking gorgeous Stephie! How's the HAED coming along?


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