Saturday, 31 December 2011

Doesn't Time Fly (Long Post)

Hello everyone!!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas whatever you did :) I had a superb Christmas with my hubby, kiddies and my father in law.  The day couldn't have been better!!

The kiddies absolutely LOVED their presents (so much so they haven't fallen asleep before 12am).  My father in law came up at 9am on Christmas Day to see myself, hubby and the kiddies and to have Christmas dinner with us.

The turkey was in the oven by 9.30am and the veggies were peeled and ready to put on (although there was a slight disaster the night before with the carrot and swede mix and the sprouts), so we ended up with brocolli, peas and I'm sure there was another veg, but can't think what it was, aswell as some sort of roasted potatoes (they were put in the oven, but I didn't let them get too hard to eat, they were perfect).

Dinner was served up at 1.30pm bang on and I have to say it was THE BEST turkey I've ever tasted - thanks to the hubby who prepared it.

After Christmas dinner, we all sat down and chilled out on the sofa, the kiddies with their new toys, and me with my bliss!

On the stitching front of things now:

I haven't done any more at all on 12 days of Christmas or any other project other than my HAED.  I've totally gotten engrossed with that now and am onto page 3 :) I've also bought the threads and fabric needed for my next HAED - Moon Goddess by Dahlig and I cannot wait to start her ( soon as threads and fabric arrive) - with thanks to hubby and kiddies who gave me the money to get them.

I'm hoping I will have page 3 of HAED done shortly and once I have, I will post up a picture :) Nearly onto the tiger...can't wait.

It is New Year's Eve tomorrow, so we will be down my father in laws with the kiddies so we can set off a couple of fireworks to celebrate the beginning of the year 2012.  On New Year's Day however, there will be a few chores to be done due to them not properly being done over Christmas and the kiddies return to school on 4th January, so lots to get done and not much time left.

I hope that however you celebrate (or if you do) New Year, I hope you all have a fantastic evening and a totally Fabulous 2012!!!!


Friday, 23 December 2011


I hope that you all have an absolutely fabulous Christmas and New Year.

This is going to be my last post now until after Christmas due to me having a huge tidy up before the big day arrives.

I have completed the food shop, the turkey is in the fridge defrosting and tomorrow I will be peeling and dicing the veg ready to cook on xmas day.  Tomorrow through the day is going to be spent giving my father in law a huge helping hand with the hoovering of his house (he's 83 and can't manage it all these days), then it will be home time to sit down and watch Santa travelling around delivering his presents on Norad Tracks Santa (uses Google Earth - fabulous for kiddies and adults alike).

The only problem that I foresee will be trying to get the presents from their current location (my bedroom) to downstairs without the kiddies seeing them.


P.S. The link for Norad Tracks Santa for those who are interested is:
I hope and your children enjoy this :)


TUSAL - December 2011

Well, here it full Tusal for December 2011 and the last for the year.

Please excuse the picture, my card reader on my laptop has stopped working so can only upload from my mobile lol.

Monday, 19 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas

Hey Everyone!!

Can you believe there is only 6 days left until Christmas?! Where has the time gone this year.  I have to say though that this year I'm done early :) All Christmas presents are bought and wrapped ready to put under the tree all that is left to do is get the vegetables in for the Christmas dinner.

I've not really done a great deal of stitching to be honest over the last 2 weeks due mostly to me being ill and then the stitching bug going away.  I have managed to do a little bit each day - nothing like my usual speed mind.

I have kind of lost interest in my fairy at the moment, so started a new project.  Joan Elliott's 12 Days of Christmas is what I started and it is slow going (am sure though when my bug returns I'll be flying).

Here is my progress on the 12 Days of Christmas:

If I don't post before the big day, Merry Christmas to all my followers!! I hope you and your families have a wonderful Christmas :) xxxxxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

No Stitching Updates

Hello there everyone!!

Well, I'm a little sad to say that I don't have a stitching update this week due to me coming down with some sort of cold and a really really horrible cough.  I have spent most of the last week curled up on the sofa in between doing school runs and cooking.  I am glad to report though that I am starting to feel better (the cold has gone away), I'm just left with this horrid cough, which is now under control thanks to Benylins mucus cough mixture.

After flying through with my autumn fairy, I decided to put her away for a little bit and start something new, so I pulled out my Joan Elliott '12 Days of Christmas' which I kitted up before putting it all away again. 

Hopefully after the weekend I will have a nice update for you all. 

Until next time, keep warm and stay safe in this stormy winter weather. 


Monday, 5 December 2011

An Update

Good Monday Afternoon to you all.

As you know, this past year I did an Open University course, and I have my results back for it.  I have passed my course and can now put Cert NatSci (open) after my name .... Woop!! What an achievement is that. After submitting my End of Module Assessment, I really thought I had mucked up and failed the whole course, but alas, that was not the case. I know have one subject under my belt to go towards a degree.

On the stitching front, I have made a lot of progress on Autumn Fairy, and here is how she is looking now:

I plan on doing nothing but stitching for the next few days now as next week begins the food sort out of the freezer ready for my christmas turkey lol. I'm hoping that any snow that we are due will hold off until we have all the food we need for christmas dinner.

Until next time, keep warm and stitch away.

Stephie. xXx