Monday, 28 November 2011

Autumn Fairy

Here is an update on my autumn fairy by Joan Elliott. I've completed the first page already (excluding the metallic stitches).

Here is how she is looking now

Please excuse the picture quality, I have no idea what happened with the settings on the camera, but it came out smaller than usual lol.

Until next time, happy stitching :)


November TUSAL

I am a couple of days late in posting November's TUSAL due to my card reader in my laptop having a bit of a hissy fit and not working. Here it is though, with a bit of festive pink tinsel :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Nice New Start

As you all know, last week I finished off Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott. After finishing her, I was left rather disappointed at the fact that I had finished her lol. I really enjoyed stitching her, so I decided that I would also do the other 3 fairies that are in the set.

After spending £68 on the other 3 fabrics for the fairies, I decided to do Autumn Fairy.

Here is my progress on Autumn Fairy so far

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Well, I'm pleased to say that my deadline has been met.  Back in October I told myself that I would have my Summer Fairy complete before Christmas, and I am pleased to say that I have indeed met that goal.

Here is my complete Summer Fairy.

All that is left to do is give her a wash and an iron and then find the perfect frame for her. :D Wooo!! 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A little update on some of my projects.

Well, I haven't done any stitching for the last few days as my stitchy bug has wandered off. I do have a couple of updates though.

First of all, my fairy. I have managed to attach a few more beads, but I don't like attaching beads with clear thread (my eyesight is a little poor) lol. So I would love to have a few suggestions on what colour thread to use for attaching gold beads (I will use white thread to attach the white beads).

Here is how the beads are looking now:

Another update is on the "I Stitch therefore I Stash" sampler. I have nearly finished this project, just the backstitching and french knots to do then it can be washed, ironed and put into a frame (yet to be chosen).

So far these are all the updates I have until my stitching bug returns to me.

Hope all are keeping well :)


Monday, 7 November 2011

Hand Dying Fabrics

I am slowly becoming rather tempted at the idea of hand dying my own fabrics. I'm just wondering what natural ingredients people use to dye their evenweave and such?

I have a few pieces of white evenweave which although nice, would be nicer in different colours.

Can you let me know what you use if you dye your own fabrics with natural ingredients.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Didn't realise how long it has been

Wow!! I cannot believe I have left it so long since giving an update on everything.

This post should surely make up for that :)

First things first though, my summer fairy.  Throughout the half term holiday I have been stitching like crazy and I'm pleased to say the stitching side of her is 100% complete, I'm now working on attaching the beads which I am finding an absolute nightmare to say the least. I'm using invisible thread to attach the beads and although what I have done looks fab, I find it rather difficult to see the thread lol.  I'm hoping to have her beads attached way before Christmas.

The Stitching of the fairy fully complete

A close up of the bead work I've done so far.
I also have an update on my TUSAL jar.  For some reason lately, I've not been able to remember when TUSAL time is.  So here is my TUSAL jar.  I have now emptied the contents into a zip lock bag, ready to use as stuffing (saves wasting it).

I have also started a new project, a little sentiment stitch from Cross Stitch Crazy, although I can't quite remember which issue it is from. Here is my progress after 2 evenings of stitching.

I've also completed a few other little things in between both the fairy and the sentiment stitch.  In October, I took part in a small halloween exchange.  Here is what I stitched for my partner:

Stitched on 28ct Black Joblean Evenweave (from
Design used from the Halloween Ornaments book (from
Ghosts stitched using DMC Glow in the Dark Thread.
This is what I received from my partner:

I absolutely Love this scissor fob. It is perfect for helping me find my small scissors.
I have also stitched a little christmas design as an in-between project. This is what it looks like now, although I do plan on turning it into a little christmas tree decoration.

I do hope that I haven't bored you all silly, and if you have read to this point, then thank you :) I really do appreciate all comments received.

Until next time,

Keep safe and Happy Stitching :)