Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 2 Progress -- 12 Days of Christmas

Good Morning my lovely followers!!

I have spent another day stitching on my 12 Days of Christmas and I found my self rather annoyed yesterday morning.

After stitching on it the night before, I came to find that I had stitched all the holly leaves one stitch too far to the right. I ended up spending most of the morning unpicking them all. (P.S. Thank you to Heather for sending me the frog, he loved his visit :D).

I did however manage to restitch them all, then added the required 33 french knots as berries, the backstitch design and also finish the gold border at the top.

Here is how it is looking as of last night:

I am hoping that by the end of today (11-9-2013) I will have fully completed the entire top of the border.

I also have to say that I am quite enjoying this rotation at the moment.

I hope that you are all keeping warm in the weather, it has gone rather nippy as of late. Brrrr.

Until next time



  1. Oh frog visited me too...Gggrrrr
    Thank you to
    Hugs x

  2. Great progress and a beautiful design Steph.


  3. Hi Stephie, I've arrived here via Kitten Stitching... wow this is such a beautiful design, but such bad luck about the unpicking... it will be so beautiful when it's all done... Happy Stitching


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