Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A RR Finish :)

Good Morning to all.

I was meant to update my blog yesterday, but until late last night, I complete forgot about it.

Last week my rotation plans went right out the window as I started to stitch extra's onto a robin while the one lady is out of the country. Here is another mouse I finished:

He is an adorable little fellow but oh my that back stitch was a right pain in the you know what to do. My hands were extremely sore afterwards.

Over the weekend I managed to work on Moon Goddess, but last night I gave the entire project a wash. I'm now about to unroll her from the towel to iron her so I will take a picture of her then and edit this post with my progress. While she is drying, I am going to be working on Winter Fairy.

I have myself a lamp and oh boy what a difference it makes in stitching. It is a normal halogen light but I can make it bright or dim it down. It's made a heck of a difference in stitching, so much so that without my lamp now, I'm as slow as a snail stitching :)

I will update later with pictures from Moon Goddess  :)

EDIT: Here is Moon Goddess:

As you can see page 4 is almost complete and page 7 has been started on the left. I still have to stitch 1 full page and 1 partial until the top row is complete.

Until next time



  1. Aww so cute..I love it
    Hugs x

  2. So sweet! The backstitch effort was worth it!

  3. I just love the Margaret Sherry mouse :)
    I know what you mean about the lamp as I cant stitch without mine lol

  4. Another adorable Mouse Stephie. I love these designs.


  5. Cute mouse :)
    Moon Goddess looks brilliant!


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