Thursday, 29 August 2013

Busy Week and an Update

Good Afternoon everyone!!

This week has been a busy one as my youngest daughter celebrated her first birthday. Lots of running about for cake, decorations, presents, etc, which means that not much stitching has been done.

We celebrated her birthday yesterday (28th) and I'm happy to say she had a brilliant time and knew the day was all about her.

Some pictures from her day:

Now, this duck (bottom picture) has a lot of history. It was handmade by my Father In Law around 28 years ago. The pattern he used, was drawn by him, cut out, shaped, and painted all by him.  He made it for his son to play with (my now husband) and on his first birthday, he had a photo taken in it. It has now become tradition that when one of our children reach their first birthday, they have a picture taken in it. 

A close up of the duck - doing good considering it is around 28 years old

Birthday Girl - absolutely fascinated with washing machines haha
Now onto the stitching update.

I have managed to add another word to the Star Trek sampler I'm doing for hubby and I have added part of the ship too.

Here is how it is currently looking:

Can anyone tell me why my pictures will not turn the right way?
For some reason, I can't seem to get the pictures to upload onto blogger the right way around. I've turned them in the folder, but this is how they upload.

If you can show me how to arrange them the correct way, could you please inform me as it drives me nuts to see wonky photos LOL.

Until next time (when I will hopefully have more progress).



  1. Aww sweet photos...very cute.
    Big hugs x

  2. Happy Birthday to cute little girl:)

  3. Oh Miss H you make me laugh! Love the one of you inspecting the washing machine! That's FANTASTIC lol xxx

    I've no clue why you pictures won't turn around! I use an editing programme on my happy to edit and turn photos around before I put them on blogger. Can't think of the programme name though! Will let you know!

    Loving the new look blog xxxxx

  4. Hi Stephie. You left a comment on my blog and I just became a follower on yours. Happy birthday to your daughter. Cute pics.



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