Sunday, 24 May 2015

Page Finish....Finally :)

Good Evening to you all!!

On Friday afternoon, I finally managed to get myself a page finish. For some reason I had a few stitches which were confetti like and they seemed to take absolutely forever to get done lol.

Here is how it looks:

That little column marked in blue is the next page haha. Hopefully this will not take as long to complete :) 

Until next time


  1. Beautiful, and I'm sure that you'll whistle through the next page :-)

  2. Those confetti sections can be intense! It took me almost as long to complete 30 stitches on my Santa and the Mouse ornament as it took me to complete the remaining 70 stitches in that grid this weekend. (Some colors had only one stitch.) So, I can relate. I know I have said it before, but I just love this Storykeep! I truly enjoy following your progress. (I really may have to buy this chart. Today is the last day of the HAED Memorial Day sale. Hmmm...)

  3. Well done on the page finish!! It's looking pretty!!

  4. Beautiful, love Spangler's designs

  5. It's beautiful - so striking. Well done on your first page finish - first of many I hope!


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