Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I'm sorry it has been a while

Good Evening to you all!!

I'm sorry it has been a while since my last stitching post, but my course has quite literally taken over my life, and if I'm honest, I'm hating the course too.

I've not long submitted an assignment, a half attempted couldn't be bothered half done one at that. I've now declared that from now until Monday, I'm doing nothing but stitching.

On the weekends, I take my stitching to my father in law's house and here is my progress on the two projects I've worked on (not enough time to pull out my HAED's).

Spring Fairy

Swirling Peacock

and a few months late, here is how my TUSAL jar is looking

On another note, I've also been completely smoke free for 2 months, 11 days and I have to say I'm feeling fantastic. I haven't yet given up the nicotine though, as I'm using an electronic cigarette.  The one thing I have noticed since quitting though is that I can't seem to sit still for long, I have to get up and do something lol.

I'm now tonight going to pull out my Wings in Repose HAED and try and get the first page done by Monday, fingers crossed I can if I can sit still for long enough.

Until next time



  1. Super sweet projects
    Big hugs x

  2. Great progress on both awesome pieces Steph. Congrats on the non smoking. Sure wish I could quit.


  3. Good luck with your course. Your stitching is looking fabulous...and well done on stopping smoking!

  4. Beautiful stitching! The fabric is so pretty :)

  5. Lovely to see your beautiful stitching, and congrats on two months, that's fantastic

  6. Lovely stitching!! Well done on not smoking for that long.


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