Friday, 19 July 2013

Good Morning!! A few updates for you :)

Good Morning all.

Oh boy it has been really warm here lately. So warm, that by early afternoon my feet become swollen and very painful to walk on.

I'm not sure if it is just me, but I'm finding the warmer I get, the less stitching I can do as I feel like I'm going to boil over.

I do however have a couple of updates for you including...........A NEW START!!

Yep, you read right, with all the projects I currently have, I just HAD to start another one.

In a previous blog post, I showed you pictures of some new HAED charts I bought. Well, I started one.  I decided to start with a freebie from the HAED website: Santa and the Mouse ornament. 

I also have an update on Winter Fairy, who for now has been put away as it was starting to feel like I HAD to stitch as opposed to want to. 

I also have some new stash and a pic of all my polstitches fabrics that I have.

I do hope that you are all keeping cool and safe in this hot weather.

I also want to say thank you for all the love,y comments I've received. I do enjoy reading them all :)

Until next time


How my new start is currently looking

Winter Fairy

My polstitches fabric collection so far :)


  1. Wow such pretty collection of fabric ...
    You lucky girl :)
    Sweet stitching.
    Big hugs x

  2. Gorgeous new stash! Great new start too, and yes, I am finding it very difficult to sit and concentrate in this heat...x

  3. Wow really lovely fabrics, I wish I could order these, but unfortunately the mail in Brasil is not reliable, so you never know if its arrives or not. Good luck with your new project. sunny kisses from Rio, Alice

  4. I love the new start :-) You don't have too many projects on the go so you can start something new ... hahaha (ooo giggles so much I fell off the sofa!!) Mind you I'm as bad as you ... no I'm worse lol!!

    Love the polstitchers fabric ... green eyed monster over here lol!!



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