Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Few Updates - Pic Heavy

Well, what a week it has been here. The weather has been miserable all week, we've been busy sorting out rubbish and things to sell at a boot sale, a bit of stitching has been done, a restart has been made and then we had a flat tyre!! I think that is everything LOL.

On Friday and Saturday we spent the day at FIL's house sorting out hubby's old room where we store stuff that we can't fit into our house. We ended up having a major sort out of everything that was there. It is quite amazing how much junk one can find. Needless to say, we had a few bags of stuff that is just rubbish, a lot of stuff to sell and some to save up and give to charity. All that is left on the sorting front now is to sell off the stuff.

Come Saturday evening however (after all the garages closed) we found that we had a flat tyre! Typical. We rang our breakdown to see if they covered the repair of a tyre just to get us home (we had to travel 16 miles home), but no, they didn't. We ended up having to cram ourselves into my FIL's little car to get us home again until Sunday when we could have the tyre fixed.

On Sunday then, we had to travel back to FIL's place to return his car and also get the huge tyre off our car. What we thought would be a simple fix, turned out not to be so. As the nail we drove over went into the soft part of the tyre, we had to have a new one......£200 later and we have a new tyre.

As you can see, all the above meant that stitching time was extremely limited over the weekend, but I do have a few updates.

First up is Spring Fairy by Joan Elliott. As I mentioned in my last post, I would be bringing Winter Fairy and Spring Fairy into a rotation. I have brought them both out again and have accomplished a fair bit on Spring Fairy. Winter Fairy however had to be restarted, so the unpicking started.

Spring Fairy as of Thursday 13th:

Winter Fairy after being restarted:

I have also been stash shopping again LOL. I sold a kit that I wouldn't stitch on eBay, so took a trip to Polstitches and bought some lovely 9x13" fabric:

and for a close up of the fabrics:

and again, more stash shopping. This time I went to Sew and So and bought this bundle:

A Seat Stand, 2 small thread boxes for Kreinik and Beads, an 11x11" Q Snap frame
If you have stayed with me all this way, thank you. I do hope that I haven't droned on and on.

On the stitchy front today, I'm working on something small, but I can't show any pictures just yet.

Hopefully this week will be a lot quieter and a lot more productive on the stitchy side for me.

I hope that you all have a productive week too and take care in this weird summer weather we are having.

Until next time



  1. Wow super sweet stitches..and the most beautiful fabric..
    You so lucky (:
    Big hugs x

  2. Oh wow I love all your stash! Im so glad you got home fine. I wish i could have driven over to pick you all up but you would have been in FIL's for a few days whilst I traveled there lol!!! Cant wait to see your stitching :-)

  3. Love your new fabrics, the ones from Polstitches have such pretty colours.


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