Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Joan Elliott's 12 Days of Christmas Update

Good Afternoon everyone!!

Well here in South Wales, we are getting some odd weather.. One minute it is pouring down the next hailstones and then sunshine! The only that has been consistent over the last few days has been the strong wind.

I have however been getting some stitching done. I think I've made great progress on this project since the last time I worked on it.

I've finished labelling each of r boxes so next I'm going to start on the gold borders within each box then on the designs themselves.


  1. It is looking so lovely..well done x

  2. Well done! This is a lovely design xxx

  3. It looks beautiful already:)

  4. This piece is lovely, I like how you are doing the back stitching as you go along.

  5. I tend to do the back stitch as I go along otherwise I know I'll be doing it still in another 2 years lol.

  6. Looks like great progress, which day is your favourite design?


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