Sunday, 19 August 2012

A rather large update for you all

Well, as it has been a little while since I last posted, this post is going to be a rather largish one.

I have to say I haven't managed a great deal of stitching since my last update due to me trying to get everything organised ready for the arrival of the baby who is going to arrive within the next 10 days....eeek.  I have to say though that I cannot wait until she is here even if it is so I can get comfy.

Now for my stitching updates.  I've decided to rotate the projects that I have on the go, otherwise I've found I'm getting myself in a right mess with projects all over the place.

First up is my Moon Goddess HAED.  I'm so close to finishing page 2 of 36 pages, and as you will see in the bottom right hand corner, I've made a start on her hair so it won't be long until her head starts to take shape.

Here she is before I started working on her:

28th April 2012

and here is how she is now:

19th August 2012

Another project I've been working on is the Charlie Bear Alphabet Sampler.  Due to my course starting back in February and lots of other things in between, myself and Heather put Charlie away.  

This is how Charlie looked before:

19th March 2012

and here is how he is now:

19th August 2012

For this week, I'm going to be working on my 12 days of Christmas by Joan Elliott.  I was hoping to have it finished in time for this Christmas, but with the new baby due any time now I very much doubt that will happen.  Just to remind you all, this is how it looks as of right now before I start on it again this afternoon.

19th August 2012

And last but not least, my August TUSAL report.  There is very little in the jar this month, but I'm hoping that once I start stitching the above project, it will soon fill up.

TUSAL 17th August 2012

That is all I have for updates for now, but I'm hoping to have a new update for you all shortly.

Until next time



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