Friday, 17 June 2011

A New Start

Well last night I didn't feel like stitching on my HAED, or my Wolves, so I decided to make a start on a wedding sampler for myself and hubby to celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary in March 2012 (Yes I know, it's a long way off, but with Uni, I can only do a little at a time).  Here is my progress after about an hour and half working on it last night

This morning, I also received my fabric ready to start the Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott (I just love her fairies, and one day will have the complete set of them hanging on my wall).

I may even start my Summer Fairy today at some point, and then rotate between all of my WIP's (Company of Wolves, HAED, Wedding Sampler and then Fairy lol).

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  1. That's some speedy stitching there Stephie! Can't wait to see it done


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