Thursday, 26 March 2015

Spring Fairy Update

Good Afternoon to you all. I hope you are all keeping well and crafting away.

This week for me has been awful, the kids decided to bring home the gift of a stomach bug that went round 3 of us within the space of 3 days, thankfully my oldest daughter and husband didn't catch it, but oh boy...I'm hoping it has gone for good now.

I have been stitching away on my Joan Elliott Spring Fairy for the last few days, and I'm almost done with the third page.  Here is how she is looking at the moment before I do more a bit later on.

As the chart is spread over 4 pages, I've been completing the back stitch as I finish a page. All beading will be left until the end so that way I can't break the beads lol.

Hopefully tonight will see the completion of her skirt and I can start the backstitch and move on to the next page.

Until next time



  1. Wow she is looking so lovely xx

  2. Beautiful stitching. Good idea to keep up with the backstitching as you go. Hope you all recover soon.

  3. Great progress Steph.


  4. She is looking pretty !:) I am working on ladybird fairy by JE.

  5. Hope you are all fit and healthy now ready for the Easter Bunny coming :D Happy stitching and I love your Spring Fairy :)


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