Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Stash...

Good Evening to you all!!

I has been a while since my last post.....again.

For some reason lately, even though I have been stitching, I have basically made zero progress on anything.

I did however purchase 2 new charts from HAED when they had their sale last time round. I bought 2 story keeps:

StoryKeep: Home is Where the Magic Is (Randall Spangler) 

StoryKeep: Magic Arrival (Anne Stokes)
I have made a start on Home is Where the Magic Is, but as yet it is basically just a dark blob LOL.

I may pull out Moon Goddess again and do more on her. Fingers crossed I can get back into it again and get out of this little ditch I'm in with the stitching.

Hope you are all keeping warm and well.

Until next time



  1. Beautiful new charts! I recently started SK Magical Arrival and love it. The Home one is gorgeous too. Hope your stitching slump disappears soon and we get to see more of these two.

  2. Great new charts!! Looking forward to admire your progress :)

  3. Beautiful charts Steph!! Cant wait to see them done :) xxxx


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