Wednesday, 1 October 2014

JE SAL and Wings in Repose HAED UPDATE

Good Morning to you all.

It has been a rather dull grey start to the day here today and only now is the sun starting to show up :) I thought I would post a little update on the stitching front as late.

I've mostly worked on Wings in Repose HAED by Nene Thomas and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Here is how that is looking today:

The majority of colours left in this page are light so I can only work on these during the day as I can't really see them in the evening without a lamp. I may invest in a new one for my birthday in 2 weeks time LOL.

I have also been working on the Joan Elliott Faces SAL that I am taking part in on Facebook.

Here is the progress on that:

Face one complete except for the beads which will all be added at the end so not to crush them in the Q-Snap and the start on Face two. There is a little kitty cat to go in the middle box, but I want to change the colours to all grey in remembrance of my cat Murphy who went missing 18months ago.

I am going to carry on stitching the second face today as the light is not that great yet, I will hopefully have more updates for you all soon.

Until next time



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