Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A New HAED Start

Good Evening everyone!!

How are we all in this wild weather we are currently experiencing in the UK?

As my title suggests, I have a new start.

I recently bought a HAED chart by Nene Thomas called Wings in Repose and last week I ordered both the fabric (28ct) and the remaining threads needed. My fabric arrived on Saturday and I started straight away.

Here is what the chart looks like:

......and here is my progress:

I am stitching this 1 over 1 and I love the coverage :)

I hope to have an update for you all next week as a RR landed on my doorstep this morning too :)

Until next time,
Keep warm and safe



  1. What a lot of progress you have made already Stephie! Is 1 over 1 very hard? I usually stitch 2 over 2. Love this piece. The weather in NW England is wet and wild today.

  2. Love your new start Steph.


  3. Love your new start Steph.


  4. You chose a lovely design & this is a great new start ;) Have fun!!


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