Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Birthday Spoils :) (pic heavy)

Good Morning to everyone from a very wet South Wales.

It is absolutely battering down outside and as a result I got drenched on the school run. Good time to stay indoors, pop on the heating and get some stitching done :)

Now, as my title suggest I celebrated a birthday. My birthday was yesterday and I turned 28 and I was spoilt.

I took part in a Birthday Thread Exchange, and although not all of the cards arrived, I did receive these:

For some reason the photo has decided to turn again.
 I also received a very brilliant present from my friend Heather.  She sent me a thread per the Birthday Thread Exchange, a piece of Polstitches fabric "Friendship" and money to get myself either more fabric or charts :)

Once again the pic has turned itself the wrong way.

I put the money with other birthday money and bought myself 6 pieces of yummy Polstitches fabrics and a HAED chart.

Here is the chart I purchased:

Wings In Repose - Nene Thomas
This chart is an absolute whopper. It contains 54 pages of chart LOL. How many lifetimes will I need to finish this.

I also took advantage of the sale HAED are currently having and I purchased more Ornaments and another BAP :) Here are the ones I bought:

Santa's Magical Flight

The Enchanted Christmas

Up, Up and Away

The Spirit of Winter Robin

The Waiting
I also received some lovely perfume from my hubby and kiddies. I received two bottles of this:

Haven't I been spoilt :) A huge thank you goes out to Heather for being such a fabulous friend and sending me scrumptious goodies :) xxxxxxxxx

Until next time



  1. Very sweet gifts..
    Happy birthday dear
    Hugs x

  2. You are very welcome! Your fabric represents you and me .... BIG TROUBLE .... oooo sorry I meant friends lol :D Love your charts put please don't show Ryan the robin charts haha! He loves birds and all things nature!


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