Sunday, 24 June 2012

Another 2 finishes :) did read correct!! I have 2 new finishes - 1 of which is framed and another is currently drying ready for ironing/framing tomorrow.

The second finish for 2012 is Autumn Fairy by Joan Elliott.  I finished her last night after having to wait for an extra reel of kreinik for her wings (from now on I will buy an extra reel to what is suggested as I've ran out on both Summer and Autumn now).

The next finish I have is the I Stitch Therefore I Stash sampler.  It became a slight UFO due to the french knots, so I attempted to change them into beads.  I finally decided tonight that it would look a lot nicer if I just left them out, so I took all the beads that I had put on off and framed it in a simple wooden frame.  Here it is:

Until next time :) 



  1. Congrats Stephie! Both projects look lovely :) I have "I stitch" on one of my lists here too!

  2. Congrats on both finishes... 3 already, I haven't even managed one yet!

  3. Wow that fairy is amazing, beautiful stithing.

    Chris xx

  4. I think 'I Stitch therefore I stash' Looks fantastic! Your Fairy is wonderful and totally gorgeous. I cant wait to see the next one you do :-)

  5. New follower to your blog :) I love the Joan Elliot!! It is absolutely gorgeous...great work. I look forward to seeing many more finishes. Your stitching is beautiful.


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