Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day for yesterday my fellow UK stitchers

Well hello everyone! What a lovely day it is today.  The sun is out and I have a few updates for you.

First up is the goodies I received for Mother's Day yesterday from my lovely children.

That large purple card in the top left is from my daughter (made in school) and inside is a list of 10 of mummy's favourite things, the gift she made me is in the bottom ride hand corner (made in school), it is a lovely heart hanger which has been stuffed with wool and also contains lots of lavender (my favourite smell of all) which she then stitched closed herself.  The card on the top right is from both my babies and my little boy made this lovely little hanger (made in school).  I now have them all displayed and I will be keeping them up for a long long time.

Here are a few close-ups of the hangers:

I love the background on this (made using washing up liquid mixed with red paint) and the poem is just smashing :D
This was made by my daughter who stitched this closed and was so pleased with herself.  The top half is stuffed with lavender - my favourite.
These are all the goodies I received and I had a great day even though I didn't stop cleaning all day hehe.

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