Monday, 6 February 2012

An update on all projects

Hello everyone from a rather chilly South Wales.  I've a few updates for you all this morning, but first off I would like to share a pic of the view from my back garden in the snow.  It started snowing on Saturday morning and it didn't stop once until 6pm that night.

Taken at around 2pm on Saturday - Still snowing
Thank goodness I made it home before it got worse. I was 16 miles away in Cardiff that morning attending my very first tutorial for my new university course.

Now it is time for the stitching updates. In between reading for my new course I've been working on two projects, my autumn fairy and my charlie bear SAL.

Here is how my Autumn Fairy is looking:

Just the ribbons on the right and some leaves to do then I can complete the wings.
This weekend, I managed to do a great deal of work on my Charlie Bear SAL.  I completed the letter B, finished the bear and also managed to get halfway through A.  Here is how Charlie Bear is looking:

That is all for the updates this week. I am hoping to have more for you all next week, but until then I do hope that wherever you are you keep warm and safe in this rather chilly winter weather.



  1. all your projects are looking so lovely..
    keep well..
    happy stitching xxx

  2. Love the snow and Charlie and everything else!! Well done to you xxx


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