Tuesday, 26 April 2011

More on HAED

Yesterday I managed to do another 800 stitches and then had a very unwelcome visitor.  The Frog.  I ended up having to unpick and restitch the 400 stitches that I messed up, except I didn't quite managed to restitch the 400 so that is today's task.  Here is a pic of what its like at the moment.


  1. Oh Stephie! I hate Le Frog! Someone should just serve him up with garlic butter and whatever else it is that you're supposed to serve them up with :) It's looking good though! Good luck with the catch up!

  2. Its looking good Steph, dont you just hate it when the the frog wants to visit.

  3. ROFL Thoeria, I think garlic butter would make Le Frog taste wonderful :D It does get annoying Tricia.....he made another appearance tonight.


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